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 working Windows version is probably not far off
-Section 2: Technical
+Section 2: Bugs and Features
+.Q. I found a bug, what do I do?
+Report it to the mercurial mailing list,
+.Q. What should I include in my bug report?
+Enough information to reproduce or diagnose the bug. If you can, try
+using the hg -v and hg -d switches to figure out exactly what
+Mercurial is doing.
+If you can reproduce the bug in a simple repository, that is very
+helpful. The best is to create a simple shell script to automate this
+process, which can then be added to our test suite.
+.Q. Can Mercurial do <x>?
+If you'd like to request a feature, send your request to As Mercurial is still very new, there are
+certainly features it is missing and you can give up feedback on how
+best to implement them.
+Section 3: Technical
 .Q. What limits does Mercurial have?