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-Files in this directory:
+Mercurial's documentation is currently kept in ASCIIDOC format, which
+is a simple plain text format that's easy to read and edit. It's also
+convertible to a variety of other formats including standard UNIX man
+page format and HTML.
-README - this file
-hg.1.txt - asciidoc source for the files
-hg.1 - groff man page for hg
-hg.1.html - man page in html format
+To do this, you'll need to install ASCIIDOC:
-How to generate the man page and html files
-For now we use asciidoc which is available at:
+To generate the man page:
-the file hg.1.txt is the input file, to generate the man page:
+ asciidoc -d manpage -b docbook hg.1.txt
+ xmlto man hg.1.xml -d manpage -b docbook hg.1.txt
-xmlto man hg.1.xml
+To display:
-to display:
-groff -mandoc -Tascii hg.1 | more
+ groff -mandoc -Tascii hg.1 | more
-to create the html page (without stylesheets):
+To create the html page (without stylesheets): -b html hg.1.txt
+ asciidoc -b html hg.1.txt