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Revamped templated hgweb
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repo          the name of the repo
rev           a changeset.manifest revision
node          a changeset node
changesets    total number of changesets
file          a filename
filenode      a file node
filerev       a file revision
filerevs      total number of file revisions
up            the directory of the relevant file
path          a path in the manifest, starting with "/"
basename      a short pathname
manifest      a manifest node
manifestrev   a manifest revision
date          a date string
age           age in hours, days, etc
line          a line of text (escaped)
desc          a description (escaped, with breaks)
shortdesc         a short description (escaped)
author        a name or email addressv(obfuscated)
p1, p2        parent nodes
p1rev, p2rev  parent revs

header        the global page header
footer        the global page footer

files         a list of file links
dirs          a set of directory links
diff          a diff of one or more files
annotate      an annotated file
entries       the entries relevant to the page

Templates and commands:
  changelog(rev) - a page for browsing changesets
    naventry - a link for jumping to a changeset number
    filenodelink - jump to file diff
    fileellipses - printed after maxfiles
    changelogentry - an entry in the log
  manifest - browse a manifest as a directory tree