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Add MOTD display to hgweb and hgwebdir. The hgweb "footer" template now has space for an optional message of the day (MOTD). This is used in two contexts: 1) On the hgwebdir index page 2) On various pages of each individual repo For both cases, the MOTD is read out of an entry named "motd" in the [web] section of a config file -- the only difference is which file is used. For #1, you need to add the section to hgweb.config; for #2, you need to add to the repo's .hgrc file. I suggest something like this: [web] motd = <p>To download these repositories, <a href="">get Mercurial</a> and then type something like:</p><p><pre>hg clone</pre></p>You can also click the Download links to get an archive of the latest revision. An online sample is available here:
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