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Plane Description Format:

By default, the airplane description files are in planes/ directory, but that
can be changed by editing the config file. We'll assume that the config file
contains the default values.

The planes/ directory contains the description files directly. For example,
planes/ is a file with the Boeing 747 specs.

Each line contains label-value pair, these are the labels supported as of now:
* FullName	= The long name for the plane, eg. "Boeing 747-400" (string)
* Name		= The 3-4 letter abbreviation, eg. "B747" (string)
* Heavy		= Is this plane considered "heavy"? (yes/no)
* Jet		= Is it a jet? (yes/no)
* StallSpeed	= Stall speed of this aircraft (number)
* ClimbNormal	= Normal rate of climb (number)
* MaxAltitude	= Maximum altitude for this aircraft (number)

Note: There must be a ": " after each label, and the label names are case sensitive.